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Every year almost 900,000 people die due to cardiovascular disease, and this is by far the leading cause of death for all men and women.  Although our technology has advanced significantly in the past few decades, death from cardiovascular disease has not decreased but in some higher risk groups has actually increased.

Our understanding of what actually causes plaque to build up in arteries leading to increased risk of cardiovascular disease has increased in the past few years, but clinical application of this knowledge continues to lag within the medical community.  For years the focus has been on simply reducing numbers such as blood pressure or cholesterol levels.  The medical establishment has been stuck for a long time on simply shooting at the wrong target.

Part of the problem in our society is the growing problem of obesity and with it an increased incidence of diabetes and pre-diabetes.  It is estimated that only half of all diabetics have actually been diagnosed with the disease.  In other words, if you took all of the known diabetics and doubled that number you would be closer to the actual number of diabetics that exist.  Most diabetics have had the disease for 5-7 years prior to the diagnosis being made.  This means several years go by with increased risk for heart attack and stroke before the treatment even begins.

One of the problems with diabetes and its detection is the fact that most people don’t receive regular physical exams and when they do the information is often misinterpreted.  For instance, on a regular check-up if a fasting glucose level of 103 is overlooked by the provider as “normal,” then that could be a big mistake.  When the body has to produce more insulin to keep the blood sugar in the normal range, this is the beginning of insulin resistance and can lead to pre-diabetes.  Diabetes is a continuum, one that begins at some point and eventually progresses to full blown disease.  The rate is often determined by a number of factors such as weight and genetic predisposition.

One of the most important breakthroughs in understanding the reasons for increased cardiovascular disease has to do with the concept of the inflammatory effect.  It is now understood that plaque is a combination of fat floating in the blood stream being embedded in the arterial walls due to chemicals produced by an activated inflammatory response.  This response can be activated by several uncontrolled chronic illnesses and also by lack of regular activity.

Advanced cardiovascular risk reduction at Chenal Valley Medical Aesthetics takes advantage of readily available laboratory analysis combined with cost effective screening tests done in the clinic.  Dr. Absalom Tilley has always been on the leading edge of this type of technology and brings his more than 20 years of experience as an Internal Medicine physician to CVMA.  He has developed a strategy that can easily detect diabetes and pre-diabetes, identify genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease, and identify inflammatory levels and monitor progress in reducing that effect.

To date, Dr. Tilley has detected high risk in several hundred patients who would have been missed by traditional screening methods.  More importantly, there are now over 25 men and women (and counting) who were totally asymptomatic but through aggressive risk detection were found to have severe multi-vessel cardiovascular disease and whose life spans have been lengthened by stent placement or coronary artery surgery.

The goal at CVMA is to truly “cut to the chase” and offer cost effective risk analysis and reduction to busy individuals in a timely fashion.  The problem with most people at highest risk is that they are too busy to take the time to find out what they really need to know or they are going about it in the traditional (and possibly ineffective) manner. CVMA strives to bring the latest technology to those people in a manner that does not waste time or money.

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